Chapter 1 - Sneak Preview

 In celebration of the high holy days of Rocky Horror, we are proud to present the first 15 minutes of "Rocky Horror Saved My Life."  Most of this footage was not ready in time for the RHPS 40th Anniversary Convention last year, so this should be a fresh look at RHSML for just about everyone.

While we are still working on the final stages of post-production for RHSML, we are also actively seeking distribution deals, and we hope to be able to share the rest of our hard work with you very soon.

- Shawn Stutler and the RHSML crew - October 26, 2016

Trailer #1

IndieGoGo Teaser

Kickstarter Campaign Video

Rocky Horror Ruined My Life 

This video trailer was made by the cast Help Me Mommy from Hobart, Indiana, the child cast of Shawn's founding cast, Pink Invaders, as a loving parody of RHSML's Kickstarter video.