An idea that started with one, was made possible by many....


"The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is the longest-running theatrical release in film history.  Since its debut in 1975, it has become the very definition of "cult movie."  However, if you’ve ever been to a live performance of Rocky Horror, you know that the film is only one part of a very unique midnight movie experience.  "Rocky Horror Saved My Life" is not a documentary about the people who made this legendary movie, though.  It's about the fans who have devoted their lives to preserving it.

For almost 40 years, people from all walks of life have "given themselves over to absolute pleasure" by performing live on the stages, aisles, and seats of cinemas showing "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."  From the first time Louis Farese yelled ‘Buy an umbrella, you cheap bitch!’ in the audience at the Waverly Theater in NYC, to the innovations that have brought Rocky Horror “audience participation” into the 21st Century, "Rocky Horror Saved My Life" examines the origins and traditions of this truly unique cinematic phenomenon from the perspective of the people who sacrificed so much to keep it alive.  

The idea was something that The Home of Happiness cast member and 20+ year RHPS veteran, Shawn Stutler, had been planning in his head since Fall 2009. But the support of the Rocky Horror community is why this documentary is a reality. The project started back in the summer of 2013 as a crowdfunding Kickstarter Campaign that ran until Halloween 2013. Due to all efforts of sharing via social media, spreading the word verbally at RHPS performances and donations from the community, we were successfully funded for production.

Throughout 2014, our crew traveled to 31 cities all over the US (and even to Germany), to document the history of Rocky Horror’s avid collectors, live performers, and devoted fans.  


In Fall 2014 we turned back to the community and public in a crowfunding IndieGoGo Campaign for post-production. 

Now in 2015, we are putting together all the stories we have heard, all the shows we have seen and archival footage that was shared with us, to make our little movie into the story that is "Rocky Horror Saved My Life."

After several years of hard work, Throbbing Temple Productions is proud to premiere this landmark documentary at RHPS40 - the 40th Anniversary "Rocky Horror Picture Show" Convention - in September of 2015 with distribution and screening releases planned for winter 2016.

Thank you for your support! - Shawn, Larry and the entire RHSML crew