The Creative Team

The men and women who are making this into a real thing. Read and learn a little bit more about the creative team who live and breathe RHSML as well as the people you hear less about that are major roles in this production.

This is by no means everyone who made this project possible. All will be thanked and credited accordingly in the film's credits. These are the players working on this project day to day and who you may have seen the most from.


Shawn Stutler, Director & Producer

Formerly the co-owner/operator of “The Venue” Nightclub, The Ridge Plaza Cinema, and The Crossroads Cinema (where he founded the NW Indiana shadowcast, The Pink Invaders, with Ed Lipinski). Shawn Stutler moved to the New York metro area in 2006, to pursue a career in film and television. To date, his television credits include ABC’s “WifeSwap,” truTV’s “Hardcore Pawn” & “Lizard Lick Towing,” and HGTV’s “Building Hawaii” (among others). Stutler also directed the cult-favorite horror films “Dead at the Box Office,” and “The Courtship of Ronson Crumb,” (starring Boo, Laura and Larry) in addition to numerous music videos for New Jersey's "The Home of Happiness," shadowcast. Of which he is a veteran of performing from 2006-2015. 


Larry Viezel, Executive Producer

Larry Viezel has been attending Rocky Horror performances across the U.S. (and around the world) since 1992. Locally, he is the director of the renowned New Jersey shadow cast troupe, "The Home of Happiness." Larry has also organized and hosted 7 international Rocky Horror conventions, in addition to many more live events. Viezel boasts one of the largest collections of Rocky Horror memorabilia in the world, and his preservation of historical photos and artifacts resulted in the 1999 “BOSS Award” (a life-time achievement award presented by the Rocky Horror fan community). In addition to his duties as a cast leader and convention planner, Larry manages two of the most prominent Rocky Horror sites on the web: & He also co-authored the interactive "Rocky Horror Treasury" book with Fan Club President Sal Piro. 

Larry lives in Northern New Jersey with his wife, Kate, and three daughters.


Paul DeCegli, Producer & Director of Photography

Paul DeCegli is a NJ/NY-based documentary filmmaker, cinematographer and editor as well as a performer for Northern New Jersey's Rocky Horror shadowcast  "The Home of Happiness". Paul is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Film Production, with a concentration in Cinematography, and has a clientele that has included MTV, Comedy Central, HBO, CBS Digital, WWE, Sundance Channel, The Robin Hood Foundation, The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, The People’s Improv Theater,, and Z100. In 2009, Paul was part of the Post-Production Team for the Emmy nominated Sundance Channel docu-series Brick City.

Paul has also worked on many projects for director Shawn Stutler as an editor and cinematographer- their first of many collaborations being The Courtship of Ronson Crumb (2011), starring Boo Stewart, as well as working on advertisements and music videos for  “The Home of Happiness”.  He truly does it all! 

Boo Stewart, Producer

Boo Stewart is the fabulously gender fluid, foxtail-wagging producer, shooter and editor of Rocky Horror Saved My Life. As a professional video journalist, Boo has produced quirky, original content for television and the web for outlets including Cablevision (“Interviews: With People,” “Jo’s Jersey Eats,”) and (“What Did You Think of That Movie?”.) She (sometimes he) was also the dramatic lead in the short horror film, “The Courtship of Ronson Crumb,” one half of the short-lived web series “F is for Film” and the editorial director during the short print-run of “Purple Sky Magazine.” Yet, she’s very tall. Boo lives in New Jersey with her lovely wife and adorable young daughter. Her favorite film is I ♥ Huckabees and you’ll not convince her it’s anything less than a love letter from the director to the pleasure center of her brain, so don’t bother trying. 

Supporting Team


Laura Cafasso, Co-Producer & Website and Social Media Manager

While hardly out in the field, Laura is a common attendee of all RHSML behind the scenes work. She assists in materials organization, reward tracking/sending, actively pushes out posts to the social medias for RHSML, maintains the website, cooks for craft services, nag the crew to start/leave on time. Most importantly, she makes sure Shawn is fed and hydrated (where possible). Laura is veteran cast member of The Home of Happiness shadowcast performing from 2007-2015. She has appeared, alongside Boo,  in the the short horror film "The Courtship of Ronson Crumb" also directed by Shawn. Or you may have seen her featured in a variety of The HoH videos ("Shots," "Kill Frank," "I Got a Feeling," "Its Never Sunny in Transylvania," "Give Me Everything Tonight," "#SELFIE").

By day, formerly a professional, union stage manager, her job is now working in a software and recruitment advertising agency in NYC (with Larry), managing a small army of project managers and producers. Laura lives in New Jersey with Shawn.


epyon5, Original Art & Production Design

Epyon5 is a full time artist who resides in central Illinois. His art has been a large part of RHSML including the logo, posters and original art rewards to crowdfunding backers. Although originally an oil painter trained in the fine art of renaissance style realism, his focus has shifted to a more contemporary style of stencils and spray paint while combining elements of old world design. E5 (the short hand name which he goes by) exhibits his work on a regular basis in cities such as Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, as well as having contributed graphic design work seen in the film "Transformers Dark of the Moon." In addition to his regular exhibition work, E5 is currently working on a comic book series that utilizes the art of stencils to illustrate a story based on real life occult events. More info on his work can be found at

Epyon5 also has previous affiliation with the shadow cast, The Pink Invaders, from Northwest Indiana where he met Shawn Stutler.


Dana Spomer, Production Design

Dana is a full-time graphic designer with Live Nation n NYC. When she's not working on music-centic projects she's cranking out advertising for the Home of Happiness cast and helping produce graphics for RHSML Documentary. Along with advertising for The Home of Happiness, Dana has been performing in RHPS for 10+ years; starting on the NYC cast and retiring at Home of Happiness. She also is a member of the NYC Ghostbusters (there is no Dana...only Zuul) who protect the citizens of New York bustin' one ghost at a time. 

Outside of the world of Photoshop Dana is a Disney-fanatic and is known to burst out into song & dance. She also is a avid NY Giants fan; her ideal Sunday would making hot wings, strombolis and enjoying a tasty beer. 

Ryan Brad.JPG

Ryan Wilson, Original Music

Ryan Wilson is a Rocky Horror performer and cast leader from the Friday Nite Specials Cast of New Jersey. Ryan has contributed the original theme song "You can be who you wanna be" to the film. Ryan has been involved with Rocky Horror for 13 years and in his real life is a mental health professional. He also sometimes makes music that isn't about Rocky Horror.


Sarah Miskoff, Animation

Sarah Miskoff is an animator who lives and works in New York City and Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is an alumni of The Home of Happiness, and has performed for over 10 years. Sarah collaborated with Shawn Stutler on the animated title sequence and various animations throughout the film and its totally awesome. You're probably going to love it. 

She has worked on the Netflix show (Turbo: FAST, Dreamworks), several animated TEDed segments, and various high-profile commercial projects (Nike, Samsung, Intel, and Mini Boom Speakers). The 2013 holiday animation “Fruitcake," her collaboration with award winning film maker, Leah Shore, was exhibited in the 2014  Animation Block Party in New York City and the 2014 Ottawa International Film Festival in Ottawa, Canada. She is currently working in Halifax, Nova Scotia at Copernicus Studios as a 2D Animator.