Where are you at with this movie?! Its been months/weeks/days/hours, since I heard anything!

Right now we are in post-production. We are no longer traveling and shooting but we have to watch all the footage we took of every interview, every show and every trip, from three cameras to make our story. Even though we had the premier screening, we are currently working on the final cut for wider distribution and festivals. 

When do I get to see it?

We have been saying since our Kickstarter campaign in fall 2013 that it will premiere September 2015 at the The Rocky Horror Picture Show 40th Anniversary Convention in New York City.  A "festival cut" was showed at SFIndieFest's DocFest in June 2016 in San Francisco. Next we will show the final cut at a screen at the RKO CON 2016 Rocky Horror International Convention in August 2016.

If you missed the premiere, any festival screenings or other convention screenings, we will be announcing in winter 2016 distribution information as well as future screenings and festivals we plan to be at.

When and how can I own a copy of RHSML?

Distribution of the documentary to DVD, BluRay and HD digital download will be available to backers who donated to levels which indicated those rewards by winter 2016. If you did not donate to those levels or missed out on crowdfunding, DVD and BluRay release is scheduled for 2016 as well. We can not sell a single copy of our film until a distribution agreement is in place. TRUST US! The moment we have one, we will scream it from the hill tops (and social media).

Am I able to contribute?

At this time we are no longer accepting donations. As much as we love [your] money, contribution periods are now closed.

Could I buy some of the sweet RHSML merch?

 When the option for online purchase becomes available, we will post here and to the social medias.

I contributed to the Kickstarter Production Campaign and/or the IndieGoGo Post-Production Campaign and have not received my reward. Where is it?

Visit our Contact Us page and let us know you have not gotten  a reward yet as well as sending us your name and which campaign you contributed to. We will look into it.

When will you visit my town/city/cast to tell my story?

Over the span of 2014 we visited 31 locations (including 27 casts and 4 conventions) in and outside of the USA. Since we are now in post-production to make this story, we are no longer traveling and conducting film shoots unfortunately, We wish we would could visit every single individual cast out there but we did our best to get as close as we could. We are planning to tour the film to select cities in late 2016, after release. Stay tuned for more info.

When will you come to my town/city/country to show the movie?

Our hopes is to be able to tour the documentary as soon as we secure our final product with a distributor. When that is done, our director and producers will be reaching out to collaborate on events in cities. Keep in mind, in order to get to your location, that means travel and travel means money. We are a independent film production company and not rolling around in our millions we are making. (But we love that you have so much confidence in our skills.)

I'd like to write something on my such and such blog/paper/newzine, who can I contact?

Please drop us a line on our Contact Us page, let us know who you are, who you are writing for and the piece you are working on. One of our producers will respond to you to make further arrangements and appointments.

Is there anything I can do to help?

Of course! Keep talking up this documentary. Share this page, our social media, our trailers and promote our release (as information is distributed)!