Currently in Post-Production - Winter 2016 Release


Chapter One - Sneak Preview

In celebration of the high holy days of Rocky Horror, we are proud to present the first 15 minutes of "Rocky Horror Saved My Life."  Most of this footage was not ready in time for the RHPS 40th Anniversary Convention last year, so this should be a fresh look at RHSML for just about everyone.

While we are still working on the final stages of post-production for RHSML, we are also actively seeking distribution deals, and we hope to be able to share the rest of our hard work with you very soon.

- Shawn Stutler and the RHSML crew - October 26, 2016

Our Story

So who's idea was this anyway? What were they doing when they thought of it? What were they wearing? Check out our Story to at least know more about the first questions.

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Creative & Supporting Team 

The men and women who are making this into a real thing. Read and learn a little bit more about the creative team who live and breathe RHSML as well as the people you hear less about that are major roles in this production.

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Trailers & Videos

Care to see more? Check out our gallery of our pitch campaign videos, teaser, trailers as well as a bonus video!

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